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Premier Optical's Opticians graduated from Worcester Industrial Technical Institute between the years of 1968 and 1981. All have been certified and licensed to practice in the state of Massachusetts and are members of the Opticians Association of Massachusetts and the Opticians Association of America. Together, the combined optical experience of our dedicated staff is in excess of 160 years with vast experience in all practice disciplines.

Gary Peterson Bill Dunbar Jim Gordon 
Gary PetersonBill DunbarJim Gordon
ManagerFrames & Inventory 
508.852.3636 Extension: 122508.852.3636 Extension: 120508.852.3636 Extension: 124 
Jim Bujnowskki Darren Peckham Robert Frisch 
Jim BujnowskiDarren PeckhamRobert Frisch
InsuranceEye Glass Fabrication /
Oakley Product Specialist
Contact Lenses 
508.852.3636 Extension: 124508.852.3636 Extension: 123508.852.3636 Extension: 121 
Alan Levy Paul Hurtubise
Alan LevyPaul Hurtubise
Apprentice OpticianOptician
508.852.3636 Extension: 124508.852.3636  
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